Beginners Guitar Lesson 1- Introduction To Guitar

This is the first beginner guitar lesson from and is designed for people who own (or have borrowed) a guitar, but don’t yet know the first thing about playing it. This lesson is just an introduction to the parts of guitar, what is pick, and what fret means in   a guitar.

What you’ll need for these Guitar Lessons?

  • A guitar with six strings. Any type of guitar will work fine.
  • A guitar pick. Medium gauged picks are recommended to start with, but any type of plucktrum will work fine for the moment.
  • A chair without arms. and,
  • The Most Important Formula “PPH” Which Stands For “Pain, Patience, and Hope”

Parts of Guitar

There are various  types of guitars (acoustic,electric, classical, electric-acoustic, bass etc.), they all have many things in common. The diagram illustrates the various parts of a guitar.

Various Parts of an Acoustic & Electric Guitar

The body of the guitar varies greatly from guitar to guitar. Most acoustic and classical guitars have a hollowed out body, and a “sound hole”, while most electric guitars have a solid body, and thus will not have a sound hole. Electric guitars will instead have “pick-ups” where the soundhole is located. These “pick-ups” are essentially small microphones, which allow the capture the sound of the ringing strings, allowing them to be amplified through an amplifier.

What are Frets ?

You will learn about frets in detail in the next lesson, but for now just keep in mind that frets are:

  1. The piece of metal itself
  2. The space on the neck between one piece of metal and the next

What is a Pick and How To Hold it?

There is a one recommendation from my end, just buy yourself atleast 10 picks/plucktrums don’t be stingy, as guitar picks are easy to lose, but I highly recommend medium gauge picks to start; ones that aren’t too flimsy, or too hard.

  • When reading, keep in mind that your “picking hand” is the hand which is nearest to the bridge of the guitar, when sitting in the correct position, as it matters whether you would be using your right or your left hand as your picking hand
  • Open your picking hand, and do a thumbs up with palm facing you.
  • The pointed portion of the pick should face the sound hole or guitar body.
  • Put the pick at the first cut of your first finger as shown in the image
  • Now, place the thumb over the pick
  • Don’t push too hard or too soft the pick with your thumbs.

How To Use a Pluctrum or Pick

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