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    CQB-F series magnetic pump can be widely applied to petroleum,chemical metallurgy,pharmacy,electroplating,environmental protection and so on. It can transmit the liquid with strong acid,strong base strong oxidability, flammability,explosion,toxin and value.
    Flowing rate:1.8-100m3/h
    Delivery head: 8-32m
    Power of work: 0.12-18.5kw
    Adopt magnetism transmission principle,non-leakagestransmit media.
    1銆丳ump body: spheroidal graphite cast iron lining polyvinylidene fluoride fibre銆?/p>
    2銆丼tationary seal ring: 99.5% alumina ceramic
    3銆丷otating seal ring: filling teflon
    4銆丼haft sleeve锛欳arborundum, ceramic and tetrafluoride for option
    5銆両mpeller and inner rotor assembly: Polyvinylidene fluoride fibre
    6 銆丼haft:Adopt SiC,thermostability,abradability and corrosion preventive.
    7銆乀rust collar: 99.5% alumina ceramic
    8銆両solating suite:Adopt fibre reinforced fluorinated plastics injection,high strength,without vortex loss.
    9銆丒xterior magnetic steel part:Adopt strong magnetic materical,ensure enough magnetic field force moment,the outer surface of magnetic steel electroplates reliableprotectivePump factory