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    Our History
    Since 1998, our company has been engaged in the development and production of digital piano and digital piano keyboard, especially in the field of digital piano keyboard,with advanced technology, design and innovative production process.Our company has a group of excellent management personnel with dedication, experienced professional designers, skilled technicians, advanced production testing equipment. Hangzhou, Shanghai offices are responsible for the design, development and production of circuit, mainboard, amplifier and IC chip program.
    Our Factory
    Our factory is located in Yueqing Economic Development Area of Wenzhou city, close to East Sea, OuRiver, and Yandang Mountain, takes up 16500 square meters for its head company, and 2000 square meters for its branch factory. In Shanghai and Hangzhou, it also sets up its offices, and its franchiser for marketing is in Shenzhen.
    Our Product
    鈥淕reaten鈥漝igital piano, keyboard of digital piano, piano cover cushioning, and other piano fittings.
    Product Application
    With the prosperity of classical music, the piano has gradually been accepted and recognized by everyone, and has gradually become the “King of musical instruments”in the world today. The digital piano is also called the “electric piano.” It replaces the analog technology with digital technology, realizing the realistic imitation of the traditional piano, with all the functions of the mechanical piano. Playing the piano has gradually become the mainstream course for many young people to learn extracurricularly. As a new thing, digital piano is not only widely applied in school piano teaching, but also an indispensable part of family entertainment life.
    Our Certificate

    ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System certification, ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management System certification, CE銆丗CC and other certification.
    Production Equipment
    We constantly increase the investment of various equipment, reduce labor force, and improve production efficiency, so as to reduce production costs.
    Production Market
    In the year of 2018, our company has a total sales of 15000 complete digital pianos, and 50000 keyboards, exporting to many countries such as UK, Korea, Netherlands, Russia, Brazil, Chile, Turkey, Lithuania, Czech republic, Thailand, Argentina, Romania, Indonesia, Malaysia,U.S.A. etc.
    Our Service
    Digital piano is a relatively expensive entertainment product. We mainly sell it to dealers. We can provide samples, but the customers need to bear the relevant costs.
    Replacement parts: shipping is usually in the form of containers. In this case, our company will provide certain proportion of replacement parts for after-sales maintenance. In case of insufficient parts, our company will provide them again for free.Customized Best Budget Digital Piano