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    JMT Automotive Mould is a professional manufacture of Automotive mould. We specialized in making automotive mould about 20 years.
    Our company provides one-stop service for the mold design, processing, production銆?/p>
    Our design team has rich technical experience, an average of more than 10 years auto mould design qualifications, the cooperation of customer is given priority to with Europe and the United States and Japan enterprise, absorb their design concept, we master: standard DME, HASCO standard, standard, DAIDO RABOURDIN standard. We also can according to the different needs of customers, tailored for the customer design all kinds of high standard mold, and to ensure the normal use of mould in different areas. We use the design of the software include: UG, Pro/E, AutoCAD, Solidwork, Can process all kinds of files provided by customers, such as PRT, SLDprt, IGES, STEP, X_T, DXF, DWG, etc.
    With the assistance of CAD/CAM/CAE design system, we provide a complete set of services from the conceptual design of products, structural design to the overall mold forming. In particular, we have accumulated rich experience in the production of hot runner molds and hardness molds. In the production process, we adopt TQM control system, actively achieve the ISO9001 standard, continuously improve the technical level, realize the control of the whole design and production, and further ensure the quality of products.
    The mold is finished by 5-axis high-speed machining center, EDM, w-edm and other advanced processing equipment. All the processes need to be self-checked and special checked to ensure that the processing is in place once.
    All machine operators need to be trained and qualified before they can take up their posts, and regular refresher training is conducted to integrate the latest processing technology into practice.Automotive Interior Parts Mould price