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    High Temperature Check Valve
    Gangye Group Co.,Ltd. is a professional leading China high temperature check valve manufacturer with low price and short delivery.
    Applicable Standards:
    Design & Manufacture: GB/T12236 ASME B16.34 BS1868
    Face-to-face: GB/T12221 ASME B16.10
    Flange end: JB/T9092 ASME B16.5 ASME B16.47
    Butt welded End: ANSI B16.25
    Test & Inspection: JB/T 79 API 598
    Material: CF3M CF3 CF8M CF8 CF8C WCB WC6 WC9 C5 C12 LCB LCC A890 GR.4A
    Size Range: DN50-DN900 2″-40″
    Pressure Rating: 10-75MPa 150LB-4500LB
    Temperature Range: -196掳C~600掳C
    Design Description:
    – BB, Bolted bonnet
    – Swing type, Anti-rotation disc
    – Non-penetrate disc shaft
    – Horizontal or vertical service
    – Flange or butt welding ends
    In the course of the test, the test time can be prolonged if there is any doubt. Sweat or leakage is not allowed in the body and cover during strength test. Sealing test, the general valve of the rotor pump only once, safety valve, high-pressure valve and other valves need to be carried out twice.Check Valve suppliers