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    1. Product Introduction:
    JF-700 is a bi-metal bushing with lining steel as backing and sintered CuPb30 as lining. Has good anti-occlusion, foreign body pollution and other properties. Under high-speed, medium- and low-load conditions, some soft alloys need to be plated and are mainly used in internal combustion engines, main bush and connecting rod bushing.

    2. Product Technical Data:
    Liner material: CuPb30
    Load capacity: 25N/mm2
    Temperature Max: 170℃
    Liner hardness: HB30~45

    3.Product Feature and Application
    Particularly suitable for high specific loads with oscillating motion and low frequencies. Suitable for harsh operating conditions High load capacity, good fatigue resistance at higher temperatures.

    it can be used as a high-speed, low-load internal combustion engine spindle tile, connecting rod bushing and rocker bushing; Oil pump side friction plate.

    4. Product details
    Sintered Bronze
    Steel backing
    Cylindrical bushes
    Flanged bushes
    Sliding plate
    Thrust washers
    Grooves and Indents
    Lock Types
    Deliver Shipping Term
    Different product packaging methodsHigh-intensity carton packagingPalletized packaging library
    Professional placementAir freightShipping
    Certification:wholesale Bimetallic Plain Bearing