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    An important part of the twin shaft shredder equipment. Knives come in different materials and models. Choose different knives according to the equipment.
    The blade body uses high alloy 42CrMo material, which has high strength, good toughness, and is not easy to break. The blades of D-type knife roll and DM-type knife roll are made of D2 material, and the blade body is made of 42CrMo.
    Independently detachable fixed knife, strong wear resistance
    Each fixed knife can be disassembled and installed independently, which can be quickly disassembled in a short time, which greatly reduces the workload of workers and improves the continuity of production.
    Unique design for easy maintenance and replacement
    The raw material of the cutter is made of imported alloy steel, with long service life and good interchangeability, which is convenient for later maintenance and replacement of the cutter.Rubber Machine Accessories manufacturers