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    Adopts the advanced German IPG fiber laser, available to cutting most of the metal sheet materials. Integrated design of machines tool accessories, fast disassemble and installation; funnel collection of both left side and right side, space-saving, energy saving, and low cost. Movable Gantry machine tool structure, to ensure long-time stability and security; Import servo systems and CNC systems, with good compatibility, strong stability, convenient maintenance and excellent processing capacity.
    1. Use Cpy Tube cutting program; accepting graphs that leading from three-dimensional software and graphic software directly, and the graphs can be appeared on the computer, easy to operate
    2. Power-driven or self-motion centering plate, without manual adjustment; processes materials with diameter from 20-150mm freely without adjustment of the center.
    3. Chucks on both ends, equipped with servo motor, without shakes during the cutting; high precision and best synchronism.
    4. The rotation axis is Atlanta gears system that made in German, with long lifetime.
    5.High precision: applicable for cutting precision parts, calligraphy and painting.
    6.Fast speed: its speed is 100 times more than line cutting.
    7.Small heat-affected zone, not easy to metamorphose, cutting edge is smooth and beautiful, no need to do after-process.
    The accessory:
    Laser power500W750W1000W2000W3000W
    Laser generatorOriginal imported fiber laser
    Outer diameter of processing tube20-150mm
    Length of processing tube≤3m
    Working width3000x1500mm
    Repeated positioning accuracy±0.02mm
    Max running speed100m/min
    Maximum acceleration1G
    Drive wayDouble-drive rack gear
    Power consumption of whole machine<10KW
    Voltage380V, 50Hz/60Hz, 60A
    Application industry:
    Metal cutting, electrical switch manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, household electrical appliance manufacturing, cooking utensils, tools machining , such as a variety of machinery manufacturing and processing industry.
    Our company
    Shandong Leize Intelligent Technology co., ltd is a new type science and technology company that concentrates on the application of laser. The company takes the extreme experience of customers and satisfaction of staff as development ideas; adhere to the software, hardware and internet three-dimension- in one whole as development thought, create continuing surmounting and sustainable innovation core competence.
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